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Mountain Lion, Forks, Wa 1994


Hasselblad 503CXI and Fuji Acros film

A couple shots from my first rolls of film with the Holga. A cheap all plastic but very fun camera that I will continue to explore.

Some shots here representing a little of what I have been shooting over the years. Nowadays I shoot primary Landscapes with film cameras. Not all these shots in this posting are from film. Some are film some are digital. An eclectic mix of where I have been exploring with my craft over the years.

Digging through some old boxes in storage and found a roll of film that I thought I had lost years ago. Thankfully it is in perfect condition and I have found a couple shots I will put into enlarger in the coming weeks. This was my first shoot of about four with this model. We still keep in contact all these years later and plan another shoot the summer. I took these about 2003 I believe. I scanned one and here it is.


I spent 5 weeks in Vietnam January and February 2014 these shots were taken with a Nikon f100, 50mm lens and TRI-X 400 film.